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Hood Insulators
Dash Insulators
Scuff pads/toe pads
Full floor carpet underlament {underpad}
Shift and parking brake boots
Floor Silencers
Molded Tunnel Silencers
Stuffer pads for door panels/garnishes
Rear Seat Backs
Wheel Liners
Decklid Trim
Trunk Mats
Spare Tire Board

VisTech enables you to deliver high-quality products without the high costs. We are proud of the significant value we have added to the growing list of our customer’s products.

Die Cut Acoustic Components/Soft Trim

Full floor carpet underlayment (underpad)
Floor silencers
Stuffer pads for door panels/Garnishments
Hardsheet and stiffeners for floor carpet
Scuff pads/toe pads
Spare tire covers/trunk lining


Floor Silencers
Wheel Liners
Spacer Pads

Cut and Sew

Shift and Parking Break Boots


Kit multiple parts for shipment directly to customer production lines
Final assembly and inspection of floor carpet
Various assembly operation using hot melt glue, heat stake, and stapling
Assembly of multi-layer underpad in varying thicknesses and materials


Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) to EVA and PET sheets
Laminate PET film to underpad