It’s the way we think. It’s the way we operate. It’s the way we deliver results. Take the complex functions of our operations and sort them into simplified tasks—this is how thinking with lean methodologies begins. VisTech differentiates itself from its competition by understanding the global sourcing pressures placed upon all manufacturers relative to cost, quality, and delivery. We pride ourselves on working closely with customers to identify areas of improvement (design, VE/VA, material utilization, efficiency and logistics) that will have a positive impact on profitability while meeting the increasing demands for higher quality at lower cost…just in time. Our manufacturing strategy includes locating plants as close a practical to our customers. This facilitates opportunities for our customers to realize savings in freight costs, quick response times, improved cash flow, and floor space optimization.



VisTech is on the move! Since our inception in 2003 in a 12,000 sq. ft. facility we have expanded our presence throughout North America. Our flexibility and commitment to “going to the customer” will undoubtedly lead to additional North American locations as customer needs dictate. Sales growth is attributed to diversification of our customer base and landing new sales contracts with existing customers leading to increased content on several new vehicle platforms.

2003 – Opened original plant in Stockton, California – 12,000 sq. ft.
2005 – Opened Plant in Lebanon, Ohio – 38,000 sq. ft.
2006 – Expanded Stockton plant to 35,000 sq. ft.
2007 – Opened plant in Stratford, Ontario, Canada – 190,000 sq. ft.
2010 – Closed Stockton Plant
2010 – Opened San Antonio, Texas – 30,000 sq. ft.
2011 – Opened plant in Jasper, Alabama – 67,000 sq. ft.
2013 – Moved to a new facility in Lebanon, Ohio – 126, 000 sq. ft.
2015 – Opened a 2nd Ohio location in the city of Fairfield – 54000 sq. ft.

As we have grown, we have developed systems, procedures, and infrastructure to create the VisTech Manufacturing System ensuring a seamless transition in terms of product quality, cost, and delivery. The system provides the flexibility and foundation to rapidly implement solutions for our customers.


  1. Total Systems approach to Continuous Improvement (Kaizen).
  2. Run our business as entrepreneurs who demonstrate pride, integrity and honesty.
  3. Actively promote communication at all levels of the organization. Listen and respond.
  4. Identify and reward successes –Recognize setbacks as learning opportunities.
  5. Provide a safe, secure and clean work environment.
  6. Achieve and maintain the highest level of quality of our products and services.
  7. Treat people with dignity and respect –Strive to be non-judgmental and non-blaming.
  8. Lead in such a way as to make the job of adding value easier for everyone.
  9. Operate in a socially and environmentally conscious manner.